March 2015
Finding the right car dealer is extremely important to me and I took just over 2 months to research everyone.
Robert was the ONLY person that stayed in touch and patiently waited for me to be comfortable to enter the purchasing stage. It’s a big decision and Robert understood this….
He got me fantastic % rates at the bank and a super deal on my 2012 Chev Sonic! LOVE MY CAR!
Thank you Robert and Edward
Everyone in my life is directed to go see Edward and Robert for their next vehicle purchase.
I recommend Guaranteed Auto Loans for their superior customer service, outstanding cars and true professionalism!
Andrea Herd – White Rock

March 2015
My wife and I went to several car dealerships and always got the run around. They all lied and could never do what they claimed to do. It was depressing and frustrating for me and my wife.
I saw the website for Guaranteed Auto Loans on Google and read through it.
Filled out the application and the very next day, Lindsay called me and set us an appointment to come see Robert.
That day….Robert did exactly what his company promised.
My wife and I drove home in our new 2010 Chev Malibu
We have put reference notes on their Facebook page and am honoured to refer Robert to anyone who needs a car with not so good credit
Timoci Serevi – Surrey

March 2015
Last year we met Robert for the first time after visiting many Car Dealerships.
If you scroll down far enough you will see my reference from last year.
Today I am back and just as Robert promised, we are out of our 29% auto loan and now qualify at 10.9%!!!!!
Just drove home in our 2010 Dodge Journey and we LOVE IT!!!!
Robert Taggart is the ONLY car guy that DOES as he SAYS!
We tell EVERYONE to go see Robert for all car purchases and loans
Go see him….Trust me it will be the best decision ever – CALL ME if you want to hear my story
Cheers everyone!
El Steffens – Chilliwack

March 2015
Getting into a car when no one else would help me seemed an impossible task until we met Dan and Robert at Guaranteed Auto Loans.
Go see these guys.
I am so happy I did
Love my 2013 Chev Trax!
Fiona Rindler – Langley

March 2015
Helping me make my decision on where and who I wanted to do business with was an enormously stressful decision. Reading past customers who have purchased vehicles from Guaranteed Auto Loans and seeing all the positive experiences helped me decide that I did need to go see for myself what all the hype is…..and I am happy I did!
Robert is the BEST!
The staff is AWESOME!!
Lyndsay is FANTASTIC!!!
Drove home that day in my gorgeous 2012 Ford Fiesta…. Thank you!
I am happy to now be one of the references that can say…..GO SEE ROBERT
Dori Kaye Williams – Vancouver

February 2015
I bought my 2012 Kia Forte from Robert at Guaranteed Auto Loans and enjoyed the service very much. My credit was not the best and a lot of other car dealers did not listen to my wants and needs to driving……Robert took the time and actually listened to my credit story and helped me into a fantastic vehicle.
I am telling everyone to go see Robert and Dan at Guaranteed Auto Loans.
Brent Wood – North Vancouver

February 2015
Dan is awesome!!
I love my 2008 Kia Sportage
I highly recommend the entire staff at Guaranteed Auto Loans
Marg Ziercke – Langley

February 2015
I met Robert 3 years ago when I enrolled into his Credit Re-Builder program. A year later, Robert upgraded me into another vehicle and lowered my % rates. Today, I am happy to say that we have completed the entire Credit ReBuilder program we drove home in our Brand New Dodge Journey!!
I want EVERYONE to know that I started at 29.5% 3 years ago…..Robert moved me into his second level of the program at 14% and today it is 4%!!!
The ONLY place to go for credit and for your next vehicle purchase is see Robert!
Words are not enough to say how much we LOVE YOU ROBERT!!!
Jessica Rocha – Burnaby

February 2015
The customer service is outstanding!
Robert and Dan are professionals and sales process was extremely easy .
I am the happy owner of my 2009 Dodge Ram Quad Cab 4X4
Go see them today
Kyle Bond – Surrey

Jan 2015
My wife and I met Robert over a year and a half ago when he worked for his previous employer. At that time he enrolled us into his Credit Re-Builder program driving home that day in a 2006 Pontiac G6.
Fast forward to today – we reached out to Robert to help us into something bigger as we just had another baby girl.
Our interest rate went from 29% to 10.9% – THANK YOU ROBERT!!
Everyone LOVES our new Jeep Commander!!
Robert has been our car finance guy from day one and we send him ALL our family and friends!
Thank you Avery and Lindsay for all your help too
Great Staff! Great People!
Dale Quipp

Jan 2015
I needed an SUV because of my job, and every car dealership wanted to sell me a car or a mini van – this is not what I wanted….
Called Guaranteed Auto Loans and talked to Avery …..she helped me with my credit information and booked me an appointment to see Robert
Dan showed me a couple choices in SUV’s and I drove home that day in my Pontiac Torrent.
Overall, a very enjoyable – non pushy sales approach that speaks to the professionalism of the entire staff.
Thank you Guaranteed Auto Loans
Chris Nystrom

Jan 2015
Finding Guaranteed Auto Loans on Google was one of my greatest discoveries
I have been telling all my family and friends in Gibsons to see Robert.
Loving my Jeep Grand Cherokee!
Stephen Dupuis

Dec 2014
I was tired of dealing with people making promises with no results!
Everyone telling me that they can help ….. or will call me back – NO RESULTS!
Then, I met the staff of Guaranteed Auto Loans.
Robert listened to my situation and helped me step by step to find a solution and get me into a very good reliable vehicle.
I see now why Robert and his staff have so many glowing reviews – truly this is the best and only place to buy a car from.
Driving home in my new Dodge Journey was the best feeling in the world.
Thank you so much Robert!
Petra Rentrop

Dec 2014
Thank Robert for believing in me and helping me into your Credit Re-Builder program!
The wealth of people that speak so high of you helped me to see that the only place to do business is with Guaranteed Auto Loans
Thanks to Lindsay, Avery, Dan and yourself for a pure enjoyable purchase experience.
Sheryll Soliven

Dec 2014
My man Edward helped me into the car of my dreams – Dodge Charger!
These guys are a great place to do business with – Go see them today
The real pros of the bizzzz
Carman Izzard

Dec 2014
The Credit Re-builder program WORKS!!
Last year I drove away in a 2008 Dodge Avenger and paid high % rates of 29%…..a year later Robert did what was said and my % lowered to 10.9% @ TD Bank – BIG THXS!!
The BEST finance man in the world is ROBERT TAGGART
Edward is a true professional and we love our new 2012 Chrysler 200!
Simone Williams-Horne

Dec 2014
Thank you to Lindsay, Avery and Robert for making my purchase experience very pleasurable.
I love my Torrent and am telling everyone to go see you all for their next purchase.
Matt Hall
778 240 4939

Nov 2014
Enrolling in the Credit Re-Builder program was an easy decision after reading and talking to past customers of Robert’s who have moved from the beginning stages of credit to the next…..the enormous following of customers that Robert has from the past 3 years is impressive.
Making my decision to deal with Robert was made easy.
A great place to do business
My recommendation is for anyone to go see Robert and his team at Guaranteed Auto Loans
Cheryl Johnston

Nov 2014
Living in Dawson Creek has its challenges when finding a vehicle that will fit my environment and get the credit required to purchase what I want.
Robert and the staff at Guaranteed Auto Loans fulfilled this immensely and more…..
Edward picked me up at the airport – great service!
Robert put my financing together on my new Jeep and I LOVE IT
Overall a very enjoyable purchase – I am telling everyone to go see Guaranteed Auto Loans
Darys Larocque

Nov 2014
My story is that I was turned down at a lot of car dealerships that did not want to help me. They all came to want to help….but they do not. My credit is not good and I really need someone to help me get a reliable car.
A friend told me to go see Robert and it was the best advice in the world.
When someone sits and listens to you and understands you …. This is great man – Go see Robert
Darlene Kuzie

Nov 2014
Moving to the next level in my credit is important and Robert came thru as promised.
My finance car man moved me into a 2013 Dodge Avenger – gorgeous car!
You gotta go see Robert
Greg Hunt

Nov 2014
I wanted a BMW and Robert helped me get my dream car
The only place to go see for a vehicle is my finance guy – Robert
Jonathan Chang

Nov 2014
The BEST car purchase experience EVER!!!
Just when I thought my chances of buying a vehicle were over when other finance people could not help me….. Robert did!
1 word describes Robert and his team…..FANTASTIC!!
When anyone asks where I got my new car, I tell everyone to go see the team at Guaranteed Auto Loans
Wendy Barr

Nov 2014
Buying a car for me was a very intimidating and scary thing to do. It took me almost 3 months to make a decision on what I really wanted to do and Edward was patient the entire time. No pushy car salesperson tactics from Guaranteed Auto Loans.
I was made to feel completely comfortable from the moment Edward called me to vehicle selection and explaining the financing terms – Thanks Robert too!
You all are great to deal with and I will be back!
Must go see Edward and Robert
Jodie Foley
604 992 2571

Nov 2014
I filled out a lot of applications with no reply from any of the traditional auto dealers until I found Guaranteed Auto Loans.
The response I got was fast, efficient and professional from Avery.
My appointment was set to see Robert and I drove home in my Saturn Vue the same day!
A complete easy and professional way of doing business….a very enjoyable experience!
Thank you
Clayton Patterson

Nov 2014
My purchase experience with Edward was fantastic!
I love my Jeep Compass
We will be back again!
Graziella Perone

Oct 2014
I have bought a lot of vehicles in my time and I must say that purchasing my Ford F150 from Robert @ Guaranteed Auto Loans was a complete pleasure.
There shuttle service picked me up at my home and brought me into their office
The staff from Avery, to Edward and the financing done by Robert was all TOP NOTCH PROFESSIONAL!
Great Job to the staff of Guaranteed Auto Loans
You have a customer for life!
Jon Conway

OCT 2014
I got screwed over by a dealership in Kelowna when trying to buy a vehicle and my faith in the automotive business was at a extreme low until I found Guaranteed Auto Loans on Google and placed a phone call.
Rob and the staff answered all my questions making me feel very comfortable, allowing me to purchase my gorgeous Caliber at my pace.
The best thing is that Rob even delivered my car to me in Nelson
I recommend Rob and his staff to all my friends! The ONLY place to get a vehicle is at Guaranteed Auto Loans!
Sean Snarr-Jones
250 505 2926

Oct 2014
Finding Guaranteed Auto Loans on Google was the best thing in the world for us. Their professional demeanor and approach to showing us exactly what they could do to help us was awesome!
Robert is a true PRO!
We are happy owners of our 2012 Nissan Versa.
Go see Robert for your next vehicle…..we are telling everyone!
Loretta Kush
604 802 0934

Oct 2014
Dealing with Edward and Robert was a true pleasure and I highly recommend the services of Guaranteed Auto Loans.
Wayne Point
778 628 2340

Oct 2014
Last October my wife and I entered in the Credit Re-Builder Program with Robert and drove home in a 2008 Ford Focus. After learning that Robert opened his own business I contacted him to visit and  see what our options were as our 1 year was closing.
Robert did EXACTLY what the program was supposed to do…..I got out of my incredibly high interest rate @ 29.9% and we drove home in our new 2012 Ford Focus which we LOVE!
My % rate went from 29.9% to 10.9% and my monthly payment went down!
Newer car and lower monthly payments!!
Thank you Robert!!
The credit rebuilder program works and I am happy to share my story with you – GO SEE ROBERT!!
604 716 7017

October 2014
Go see Robert and Avery at Guaranteed Auto Loans for your next vehicle purchase.
Purchasing a vehicle was a scary experience for me and Robert was patient with me until I felt ready to take the plunge of being in debt with a car loan.
I took my time and found the perfect Dodge Caliber with a sunroof. I LOVE MY CAR!
The staff is friendly and extremely professional and made sure I understood that entire process from start to finish.
I recommend the services of Guaranteed Auto Loans to everyone and I will for sure be sending all my family and friends to see Robert and Avery
Thank you everyone!
Erin Spring

Sept 2014
As a single Mom with bad credit you worked extremely hard to find me and my kids the perfect van
I listened to a lot of car dealers promise me that they would help me …… NO ONE DID!
Then I found the BEST people in the world at Guaranteed Auto Loans!
Mr. Taggart got me and my kids into an awesome Dodge Grand Caravan at payments I can afford
There are ALOT of great stories on this website, and I am another person who is truly thankful for finding Rob Taggart.
Go see them today for your vehicle, you will see the difference in how professionals work!
Monica Schuss

Oct 2014
My girlfriend and I just purchased a 2012 Dodge Avenger from Robert at Guaranteed Auto Loans. The experience was smooth, easy and enjoyable.
I recommend the service of Robert and his staff to anyone looking for a fantastic deal
Paul Kerrivan

Oct 2014
If your looking for great deals and a wicked new car check these guys out @ Guaranteed Auto Loans – Fantastic service, extremely knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with banks and getting you the best possible rates. Amazing!!
Terrence Greer

Sept 2014
Last year my wife and I met Robert Taggart purchasing a 2006 Pontiac G6, entering into the Credit Re-Buillder program offered by Robert.
In February of this year we received a letter from Robert letting us know that he opened his own finance company and was no longer working for his previous employer.
When our 12 months were up we contacted Robert to review our options that were discussed with us last year when enrolling into the re-builder program…..and as promised Robert followed thru and my wife and I drove home in our new 2013 Chrysler 200.
We HIGHLY recommend the services of Robert Taggart and his staff @ Guaranteed Auto Loans.
The program WORKS!!! and our payment stayed exactly the same!!!!
Go see Robert
Chad Hulbert

August 2014
In 2012 I enrolled in Robert’s Credit Re-Builder program and drove home that day in a 2008 Pontiac G6.  After learning that Robert opened his own Finance company and was no longer with his previous employer I contacted Robert immediately!
Just as promised, Robert took me from 29.5% loan to 9.9% !!!!
I am the HAPPY new owner of my 2013 Mazda 3 !!!
Guaranteed Auto Loans is the ONLY place I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND for your next vehicle purchase.
Robert is honest and follows thru on EVERYTHING he presents to you as your road map to Prime Credit Score.
Go see Robert today and the entire staff at Guaranteed Auto Loans
This is MY TRUE STORY and I welcome you to call me. I will share with you my fantastic experience with Robert and the staff at Guaranteed Auto Loans.
 John Zimmerman
604 600 5485

August 2014
When you find the right finance man that can help you when all others won’t or can’t….. You keep them.
My husband and I met Rob Taggart about 2 years ago when he worked for his former employer and entered into the Credit Rebuilder Program. We went into where we thought Robert still worked and were told to come back another day when someone could help us as everyone in the credit dept had gone home for the day. I then spoke to Robert’s old assistant that is handling the credit dept now and after many back and forth conversations, he finally admitted that he could not help me.
We asked where Robert was and got the reply “ I don’t know “
My husband had the great idea of Googling Robert’s name and finally we found Robert and his new company Guaranteed Auto Loans. J
Quickly called Robert and set up a date to come out and see him at his office in Maple Ridge.
With in 48 hours, Robert had us approved for our new 2013 Jeep Patriot!!!
My recommendation is for ****ANYONE**** who may have a credit challenge or turned away at a franchise car dealership because of any reason…..YOU MUST CALL ROBERT!!
This is my story and welcome you call me and I will share with you how Robert helped us repair our credit.
5 STAR SERVICE by Robert and the staff of Guaranteed Auto Loans!
Christina Matthews

July 2014
I shopped around to many, many truck dealers looking for the right truck and also the right person who I trusted to help me get the right loan at interest rates that made sense…..
Having credit that is not the best has its challenges when dealing with regular car dealers.
Rob Taggart is a true Pro! NOT PUSHY, and really listened to my story and found me a fantastic 2012 Dodge Ram Quad Cab 2WD that fit my family.
My wife and I LOVE the Truck!!
I highly recommend the services of Guaranteed Auto Loans – Go See Robert!
Jon Bendickson
604 619-8544

July 2014
If you are looking for the best of the best in helping people with credit challenges and they deliver the vehicle straight to your front door of your home – you need to call Robert Taggart
My credit situation is not the best and all my local dealers wanted to sell me something I did not want.
We found Guaranteed Auto Loans on Facebook and applied that day. My husband and I found a gorgeous 2010 GMC Terrain on his website and Robert had the SUV delivered to our home in Cranbrook
This is my story and our next door neighbour is now buying a SUV from Robert
Completely Happy Customer with Robert and his team @ Guaranteed Auto Loans!
Patsy Barnes
250 420-1266

July 2014
One word describes Robert Taggart – AWESOME!!!
The man does exactly what he says with NO BULL****
He took us out of a terrible high interest rate loan and got my wife and I into the car of our dreams ….. 2013 Hyundai Elantra!
We live in Kamloops and trying to find a car dealer that will go the extra mile and truly help someone is extremely hard to find ….. then we met Robert.
My wife and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the services of Guaranteed Auto Loans!
Bruce and Beverly Cathro
250 579-0119

July 2014
My husband and I took our time in purchasing our 2nd vehicle. I think probably drove Robert a little crazy with over 3 months of shopping and looking for the right vehicle at the right price.
What impressed us the most of Robert was the fact that he kept in touch with me for the duration of the 3 months of us shopping. Actually he was the only salesperson that did!
He called me one Monday and told us that they bought five 2013 Kia Rios and asked if I wanted to come take a look.
We LOVED the car and it was perfect for what I wanted!
The price was right, the service is excellent and Robert is a gentleman
My husband and I tell all our friends now to go see Robert @ Guaranteed Auto Loans
Our story of buying a car in 2014
Redempta and Larry Bolinao
778 384-6728

July 2014
The services of Guaranteed Auto Loans and Rob Taggart were referred to me from a friend who purchased their vehicle from Robert.
My experience in purchasing our 2011 Jeep Compass North Edition was smooth, simple, easy and enjoyable.
Robert provided fantastic service and has kept in touch with us even after the sale.
The BEST vehicle purchase I have ever experienced
Highly recommend Robert
Chad Sailor
778 245-1469

July 2014
I filled out an application to 4 ads on the internet and got 2 phone calls back. One guy tried to show me one vehicle and that was it. Then I went to go see Robert
We sat and talked and talked some more. He listened what I wanted and understood my situation and promised to help me.
Mr. Taggart is a magician at finance and just like all these other testimonials say….pure PRO!
I am telling EVERYONE I know to go see Robert!!
He helped me and in return I will promote Robert and his company
Go see Robert and Avery and the entire staff at Guaranteed Auto Loans Inc.
Jose Goyarzu
778 868-4070

July 2014
Last year I tried for 3 or so months to obtain credit to buy a vehicle. My credit situation was terrible after just being discharged from my 2nd bankruptcy……Nobody was interested in helping a double bankrupt customer until I found Rob Taggart.
After meeting Mr. Taggart, there was no doubt in my mind that I have met the right guy to help me restore my credit and help me into a good reliable vehicle.
I signed up for the credit rebuilder program and drove home that day in a 2008 Hyundai Accent.
Fast forward to today….. I contact Mr. Taggart to get together to upgrade my vehicle and see how much my credit has improved…..well, let me tell ya…..Mr. Taggart is the greatest finance guy I have ever met in my life!!
True to his word, I drove home this week in my 2011 Dodge Charger SXT
Listen to this…..I went from 29.9% financing to 10.9% in 1 year!!
Go see this man!!! I, one million percent recommend the services of Mr. Taggart
Anytime you want to hear my true story of how Mr. Taggart help me regain my credit in 1 year….call me!
Craig Steele
604 377 2385

July 2014
I recently applied for a loan through your financing company because I anticipated that my financing would not be approved after having some difficulties with the bank and waiting a longer than expected time for an answer. As it turns out, I was approved for an auto loan through them so I do not require your services at this time. I would like to say however that I was impressed with the positive response and outstanding support I have received in the last few days from your company. I have had bruised credit and to know there was somebody on my side to actually say “yes” as opposed to dealing with the banks who like to say “no” and/or make things more difficult was really a refreshing experience. I will highly recommend your service in the future to friends and family and if I ever find myself in a similar financing situation in the future, you will be the first ones I call!!
Thank you so much.
Robert Wildeman

June 2014

Finding the right person who can help you is an extreme challenge when your past comes back to haunt your present day. As a self employed contractor I ran into problems back in 2010 and had to give my truck back to the bank as I just could no longer afford the payments. Today my business is thriving and I am in need of a truck….a big truck….as I build homes for a living. Every situation I ran into applying online with other places was the same answer or they tried putting me into something I did not want! I found Guaranteed Auto Loans on the internet and Robert called me immediately. His staff worked with me and listened to my situation and invited me to visit them at their office in Maple Ridge. A long story short…..I drove home that day in my new truck – 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel 4X4. There are A LOT of companies that claim to do what they advertise ( trust me I have personal experience in this)… reference and my recommendation is for everyone to go see the TRUE PROFESSIONALS @ Guaranteed Auto Loans today – tell them Bryan sent ya as Robert pays $250 referral cheques to anyone who sends new biz his way  This is my personal story and anyone who wants to know more of my fantastic experience with Robert & Guaranteed Auto Loans give me a shout!
Bryan Erler
604 997 0889

June 2014

A year ago in March 2013, I entered into Rob Taggart’s Credit Re-Builder program and bought a 2008 GMC SIERRA 4X4 from him at his previous employers. When March 2014 arose, I called and spoke to a fellow that told me that Rob no longer worked there and that he would help me out. I gave him all my information and he said he would get back to me…..guess what – NO PHONE CALL or return EMAILS??? I then received a letter from Robert in the mail telling me that he had opened his own Finance Company – Guaranteed Auto Loans. The timing could not have been better!! My wife and I called Robert immediately to find out what our options were and to explain the service we got at his old employers place….. Robert went to work on my file and had me approved for a BRAND NEW 2014 DODGE RAM 4X4 Quad Cab JJJ The next day we drove down from Williams Lake and traded our 08 Truck in for a New 2014! Robert Taggart is the ‘REAL THING!!!’ Go see him for ALL your vehicle purchases and if you want to hear more of my story and why I recommend Rob Taggart to EVERYONE!!!! Give me a call J
Ryan Grant
Williams Lake
778 412 4407

June 2014

Trying to purchase a vehicle with no credit is extremely difficult until I found Guaranteed Auto Loans on Facebook. Filling out the application, I was expecting the same response I had received from every car dealer so far and did not truly expect anything different. My phone rang and it was Robert calling from Guaranteed Auto Loans. To my surprise he asked me to come see him with my pay stubs from my work. I drove home that day in my 2010 Nissan Sentra – LOVE IT!! GO SEE ROBERT TODAY!!!!
Kristopher Nicholls-Gladue
604 813 6182

June 2014

My husband and I applied for credit to lots of dealerships to get a car, way to many to remember and we got the same answer everywhere or no return phone call… was extremely frustrating! Then we found Guaranteed Auto Loans on Google and to our surprise Robert asked us to come in to see him with our paystubs. Robert sat down with us and reviewed the Credit Re-Builder program he offers and made sure we understood every step of the program. My husband and I went home to think about it that day and called some of the references listed on the website…..everyone talked very highly of the service they have received from Robert and the success it had done for their credit. Saturday morning we returned to see Robert and drove home that day in a 2009 Kia Rio Our experience with Robert and his staff has been absolutely professional and enjoyable!
Joanne Doran
Pitt Meadows
604 459 3372

May 2014

I took my time to find the ‘right’ person and the ‘right’ company that I could trust and ensure that I was going to be looked after in a professional way and help me into a very good reliable vehicle for transportation. Many phone calls and conversations later, I went to visit Mr. Taggart at Guaranteed Auto Loans in Maple Ridge. He was extremely professional, and took his time to make sure I was comfortable through out the process of explaining my credit, my options to purchase and showing me vehicles. I fell in love with a beautiful 2011 Kia Rio with a Sun Roof J This was the easiest and most enjoyable purchase I have ever made in my entire life! THANK YOU ROBERT!!!! J Today, I tell everyone about my experience with Guaranteed Auto Loans and encourage everyone to go see ROBERT! I highly recommend the services of Robert Taggart and Guaranteed Auto Loans.
Karen McBain
604 859 1105

May 2014

We highly recommend the service of Rob Taggart and Guaranteed Auto Loans Inc.   Our story began 2 1/2 years ago when we met Robert. He worked for a previous company at the time. My husband and I came to visit Robert as our credit was completely broken. No one was willing to help us get into a good reliable vehicle. Robert listened to our situation and walked us through a program he offers called “The Credit Rebuilder “.  A program that helps rebuild your credit through the purchase of a vehicle. We were we skeptical about the program, but felt very confident with Robert’s expertise and loyal following of customers that previously finished the same program. We bought our 2008 Kia Rio from Robert in 2011. Thirteen months later we came back to see Robert at his previous employers place. We sat down and Robert reviewed our credit situation. Showed us step by step our improvements made during the last year of driving…..the benefits of making our payments on time and keeping all our credit clean, he moved us into the 2nd phase of the program and upgraded us into a 2011 Kia Forte LX in 2012. In March 2014 we contacted Robert and asked him if we could come see him. Robert explained that he no longer worked for his previous employer and launched his own personal new finance company ‘ Guaranteed Auto Loans Inc ‘.  Of course we thoroughly enjoyed and trusted the service of Robert and did not hesitate to continue our relationship with him.  My husband and I went to go see Robert and like he promised back in 2011 when we were paying outrages interest rates because of our credit situation….Robert helped us into our new 2014 Dodge Journey Crew.  ( I finally have my sunroof and the vehicle my family deserves! ) We are a TRUE story of a family that had horrible credit and within two and half years….Robert has our credit repaired and buying New! My husband and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Robert Taggart and his services to anyone that needs an auto loan Please call and I will happily share our family story with you and how Robert Taggart helped all of us get to where we are today!
Sarah and Dave Bird
604 832 9804

May 2014

Last year I tried over a half a dozen times to get credit to buy a reliable vehicle from many local car dealerships. My situation seemed bleak as I am currently in a credit proposal with my creditors. Then I met Rob Taggart in August of 2013, he listen and understood my situation and that day I drove home in a 2011 Hyundai Accent. Learning that Robert opened his own Finance company in 2014, I contacted him in May to review my options that Robert spoke to me about when I enrolled in the ‘Credit Re-Builder’ program. As promised, Robert kept his word and moved me out of my 29.9% interest rate loan early… 9 months I am out from my high interest loan and am now the happy owner of a 2013 Chrysler 200 The Credit Re-Builder program that Rob Taggart offers WORKS!!! Thank you Robert for everything I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the services of Rob Taggart and Guaranteed Auto Loans Inc.
Kelly Brown
604 897 8101

April 2014

I am a self employed tile setter….. and my experience in dealing with car dealerships trying to buy a vehicle was getting me absolutely no where until I found Guaranteed Auto Loans on the Internet. Robert quickly called me and told me exactly what I needed to bring him and true enough…..I was approved!! My wife picked out a beautiful 2008 Volkswagon Jetta Thank You Robert Taggart for making our purchase experience very easy. We will be telling ALL our friends to go see Robert. Go see Guaranteed Auto Loans and Robert Taggart!
Vladimir and Sladana Kostic

April 2014

With the highest degree of professionalism and honesty – Mr Taggart is the only person I would ever recommend to see for an automotive loan! I met Mr. Robert Taggart over year ago when he was working with his previous employer. When I met Robert, my credit was broken and not in good shape……I applied to ALOT of places and no one would help nor even properly communicate with me. I needed a truck….I needed a 4×4 because of where I live. Came to see Robert at his previous employer and he listened to me and understood my situation and HELPED! That day I enrolled in Roberts ‘Credit Re-Builder’ program and drove away in a 2006 Ford Ranger 4×4 Spt. When hearing that Robert opened his own finance company…..of course I jumped at the opportunity to come see Robert again! I went to go visit Robert at Guaranteed Auto Loans office and was eager to see what he could do to help me out of my 29.9% interest rate loan. Robert sat with me and my daughter and talked me through my current credit bureau file showing me the improvements that have taken place in the last year… my astonishment and happy surprise, Robert kept to his word and cut my interest rate in half and I am now the proud owner of a 2010 Chev Equinox AWD This is AWESOME!!!! Mr. Robert Taggart is hands down the BEST finance guy I have every met and WILL continue to send ALL my family and friends to see him – GO TO GUARANTEED AUTO LOANS for your next auto purchase!!! Call me anytime for my story on how great Mr. Taggart is at financing… him today!!
Rebecca Valentine
604 217 0758

April 2014

Finding someone in the auto industry that delivers the truth and provides outstanding customer service is extremely rare. I met Rob Taggart about 2 years ago when he worked for his previous employer. Learning that Robert opened his own Finance company, we did not hesitate and of course continued to send friends to see him One word describes the experience of dealing with Mr. Taggart – FANTASTIC!! My wife and I are so satisfied and happy with Rob, we have sent our son and daughter to see Rob and now the entire family has purchased vehicles from Robert. I recommend the services of Robert, you will not be disappointed Tell him Mike Doyle sent ya! Cheers
Mike Doyle

April 2014

I bought my 2012 Dodge Ram Quad Cab 4×4 from Robert at Guaranteed Auto Loans. Great service, Great Truck! I’ll be back!! Thanks Robert
Jamie Berthelette
North Vancouver

March 2014

Living in Prince George has its challenges in finding the right dealer to help me with a car purchase. My credit is not so good and after trying with half a dozen or so car dealers, I found Guaranteed Auto Loans on the Internet. Robert called me within 2 hours of my application and told me what I needed to send him. It was SO EASY!!! I am a very HAPPY owner of a 2010 Chrysler Sebring Working at a Casino in Prince George I see and work with a lot of people, I am now telling EVERYONE to go see Robert for their next auto loan. My boyfriend is now buying his truck from Robert!
Samantha Barton
Prince George

March 2014

I bought my 2012 Nissan Rogue in March from Robert. The price was the best , and I shopped around EVERYWHERE! Robert also gave me a better interest rate than any Car Dealership would offer me at 3.9% . The total purchase was so easy. I am recommending Robert to all my family and friends!
Maryanna Yamelnytska

March 2014

I found Guaranteed Auto Loans on the Internet after applying to several traditional car dealers. Not one phone call. With in hours of applying on line to Guaranteed Auto Loans, Rob Taggart called me and we set up an appointment to get together. He told me what to bring to our appointment and met with Robert the very next day. After a very thorough review of my current credit situation and making sure I understand the entire process of the purchase…..I drove home in a 2012 Dodge Avenger SXT. IT WAS THAT EASY!!! Every car dealer in the lower mainland should hire the expertise and professionalism of Rob Taggart and his team @ Guaranteed Auto Loans. I will be back when I need my next vehicle and am looking forward to cashing those referral cheques of $250 that Rob offers ….. ALL my family and friends will know about the outstanding service of Guaranteed Auto Loans! Thank You Robert !!!
Abraham Szabo

March 2014

My wife and I are happy owners of a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan  My Van broke down on Thursday night, I contacted Robert and his team over at Guaranteed Auto Loans Inc. to help me after no one in Chilliwack would return a phone call…..but Robert did  Friday night, I kept them all there late – Thank you again ROBERT Having bruised credit it not the end of the world when you have professionals like Robert in the business that do as they claim…..totally refreshing to see a true CAR GUY that does what his website claims to do!!!!
Ron Sampare

March 2014

My girlfriend and I first applied for credit with Guaranteed Auto Loans back in late January. We were unsure of where to go and who to see as our credit is not good. In January and February we went to go see a couple dealers in the Chilliwack area and spoke to a lot of jerks! They did not listen to what we wanted and always tried to push us into a Van or something with incredibly high kilometers. Robert kept in touch with us over the past couple months by phone, email and even text messaging….lol….his professional demeanor and approach was comfortable. A funny thing was on the day his baby boy being born, we asked Robert to help us find a vehicle. He answered his email that evening and we set up an appointment. After showing us a fleet of vehicles to choose from, he slowed the purchase experience down for us to ensure we were completely comfortable – We chose a 2008 Pontiac Wave with a Sunroof We tell EVERYONE to go see Robert now and bet your dollar we will be back to see him in the future! Go see Robert
Elvira Steffens