June 2017
I would like to thank Robert and his team at GAL for all their help and patience with me while I was making my decision to whom I was going to purchase from.
Robert was so friendly and allowed me to really digest and understand all the benefits of enrolling in their credit rebuilder program.
I wanted to be with the best and Guaranteed Auto Loans offers unquestionably the best opportunities in helping build credit.
My son and I picked out a beautiful 2012 Kia Forte and thoroughly enjoy it and the purchasing experience.
Thank you again and I highly recommend the services for G.A. L
Barbara Louie
604 932 8823
Mount Currie, BC

June 2017
The greatest moment of this year was when I met Rob Taggart from Guaranteed Auto Loans.
No one would approved me for a loan to buy a vehicle and I truly mean no one!
Was not from a lack of effort!
Robert sat with me and reviewed all my options.
Helped me with my ICBC and found a vehicle I can afford and enjoy.
I love my new Ford Focus……well new to me, hahaha – it’s a 2012 and I love it!
Totally recommend Guaranteed Auto Loans to anyone and everyone!
Nora Halla

June 2017
I am back again to buy my 3rd vehicle from Robert.
Today I traded in my 2012 Jeep Compass for my beautiful 2014 Dodge Ram.
The man does EXACTLY what he promises and does EXACTLY what he says.
Lowered my % rate as he said he would.
I am happy and highly recommend Robert and his company Guaranteed Auto Loans
Ronald Nightingale
Surrey, BC

June 2017
Thank you to Robert and his Team @ Guaranteed Auto Loans.
We bought are vehicle from Robert over a year ago and recently just got into a collision accident where ICBC wrote off my vehicle. We contacted Robert immediately as he helped us navigate the claims procedure and replacement insurance that luckily we had on the vehicle  Thank you Robert for this!
Today I drove home in my 2016 Toyota Venza and LOVE IT!!!
Much lower % rate this time and better payment all around 
The only place to go is Guaranteed Auto Loans!
David & Rhonda Sherwood
Mission, BC

June 2017
I had a fantastic experience with Guaranteed Auto Loans. Edward who is really nice and most helpful helped me with trading in my car and getting a new one. It was so easy, hassle free and felt well looked after. Even though I live in Vancouver, I am definitely coming back whenever I need a new car- totally worth it!!
Rasha Gad

June 2017
I have had a fantastic experience with Guaranteed Auto Loans. From start to finish they’ve been helpful and gone out of their way to get me into the perfect car. I know I’ll be recommending them to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle!
Tracy Rowe

April 2017
This is the truth, I applied to well over a dozen car dealerships stating they all did 100% Credit Approvals. I tried everywhere!
No one wanted to help me or they did not have the expertise to help me? Not sure, but who cares now
What I can tell you is after months and months of listening to every excuse from these BIG name car dealerships tell me that they could not help me, I found Guaranteed Auto Loans.
Guess what? They did EXACTLY what no one could do for me!
Today I enrolled in Robert’s Credit ReBuilder program and THANK YOU ROBERT for doing exactly what you said you would do!
Drove home today in my 2015 Chev Cruz
It’s a breath of fresh air knowing that there is a company out here is British Columbia that does exactly what they advertise and say. It’s all in their name – Guaranteed Auto Loans!
The #1 and ONLY place to go – See Robert!
Richard Maccaull

April 2017
This is my 2nd vehicle from Robert and I came back to him because he is a very honest, upfront man and treats everyone like family.
It is so comfortable to do business with Guaranteed Auto Loans. They take the time to ensure my happiness and will do so for you as well.
Edward is great to work with and took his time to showcase me all the vehicles that had Navigation as this was an important option for me to have this time.
I found the perfect vehicle. My 2014 Nissan Versa
Thanks Edward and Robert
Dianna Work

March 2017
The most frustrating thing about trying to get a good vehicle when your credit is not so good is trying to find that right company, dealer, and person that really cares and wants to help you. We called and spoke to all of people who made lots and lots of promises but did nothing for what there advertising claimed they could do until we spoke to Robert at Guaranteed Auto Loans. No bullshit, only straight talk and even helped us with our ICBC debt!
My wife and I happily picked a 2013 Ford Fiesta. No money down 
Thank you Robert, we will be back!!
Colin Yandon

February 2017
I was having absolutely no luck in finding an car dealership that would help me get a good reliable vehicle until I found Guaranteed Auto Loans on Google and tried one more time.
Thank You I did!
Promptly got an email, text and a phone call from them. The process took about a day to get done and I drove down to see Robert from Kamloops and happily drove home in my 2012 Ford Fiesta SES model. LOVE ALL THE OPTIONS!!!
Strongly recommend anyone struggling to find the right person to help you as I have done…… you gotta see Robert and his team @ Guaranteed Auto Loans
Desmond Owen Staples

January 2017
We are back again to see Mr. Robert Taggart for our upgrade.
Yes he cut my % rates in half and I am happily driving home today in 2014 Jeep Compass. Love it! Thank you Sir Robert.
So, happy that my wife just bought a new vehicle as well. Nissan Sentra.
He is honest, reputable and cares truly for his customers.
We are friends for life and on facebook as well.
Remond Mapili
Maple Ridge
236 888 8121

January 2017
Just bought our 2nd vehicle from Robert and his staff. Happy owners of our new 2015 Chev Malibu .
Simply, we came back because of the superior service and honesty! Hard to find in the Auto Industry.
Highly recommend them.
Donna Ritchot
Mission BC

January 2017
Met Robert back in 2015 when I enrolled in his Credit ReBuilder Program to help me get back my credit. Today I came back to Robert for one reason and that was for him to do exactly what he promised he would do and upgrade me into something and lower my % rates.
Let me tell ya….. he did more that what I expected!
I went from 29% to 9.9% and drove home in my 2012 BMW X1
Surprised? YES
The only place to go is Guaranteed Auto Loans.
Thank You again Robert for everything you have done!
Kevin Dunn
Abbotsford BC

January 2016
I first met Rob Taggart when he worked for his previous employer. He enrolled me into his Credit ReBuilder program at that time. When I went back to see him a year later, the gentleman who took over for Robert took advantage and put me into a vehicle and grossly over charged me for it. This was a bad experience as I tried and tried to deal and find my way out and he would not help me at all!!
Finally I decided to google Robert and found him online and instantly reached out to him. It was a warm greeting and pleasant conversation.
Long story short…..my husband and I set a date to visit Robert and we thoroughly walked through all our options. It was a good feeling sitting in front of a true professional again.
That day my husband and I bought a 2013 Kia Optima and a 2010 Chev Equinox. The best news is that he got us interest rate of 6.9%!
We have made a friend for life and connected on Facebook as well
Highly recommend the services of Robert Taggart
Devin and Julie Fex

 February 2016
I met Rob Taggart almost 5 years ago when we were at our lowest point trying to rebuild my credit after a disastrous situation with work occurred and I lost my Truck to the bank.
Back then I was refered to go see Mr. Taggart as he has a fantastic reputation in helping people get back on their feet and this is certainly what he did for us!
My wife and I have now purchased 5 vehicle from Robert and I send him as many people as I can cause I know they will be looked after.
The Credit ReBuilder program works!! I went from 29% to prime rates and just picked up my Mercedes C250 last week. My wife bought a 2012 Nissan Juke 8 months ago.
The ONLY place to go is Guaranteed Auto Loans.
Call me if you would like to hear more….. the programs Mr. Taggart has with the banks work and I am pleased to have met him 5 years ago!
Jeff Kipling
White Rock


February 2016
From a customer’s point view guaranteed auto is not only about getting you into an awesome vehicle but it also helps you build your credit and helps you achieve many bigger goals in your future!
All with the help from Robert
Thank you again Robert!! you always work magic ….
Dave and I always enjoy seeing you again and touching bass on our family’s. Can’t believe it has been 4 1/2 years since you helped us out tremendously the first time ! Keep working your magic

Dave and Sarah Bird


January 2016
I was rejected for credit everywhere I applied until I found Guaranteed Auto Loans on Google and said that I would try one more time.
They called me that day and had my credit approved!
They even delivered my 2013 Dodge Avenger to my home in Williams Lake
Great place to do business with.
Just sent a fellow co-worker to them and she bought a Kia Forte.
Highly recommend
Rodney Solomon

March 2016
I met Rob Taggart a year ago and desperately needed a truck for work and my personal life. No one would help me until I met Rob Taggart
Just traded in my 2009 Ram at 29% and bought a 2014 Dodge Ram at 14.5%
The Credit ReBuilder program is fantastic and helped me in many ways obtaining credit elsewhere.
You’re the best!

Kyle Bond
Maple Ridge

February 2016
I applied to Maple Ridge Hyundai and waited for over a week from the sales person. Everyday I called to ask about my credit application and everyday I was told they were working on it and to be patient.
My wife saw Guaranteed Auto Loans on Facebook and we applied immediately. That day I received a phone call from Dan and he told me to come in and meet Mr. Taggart.
It was the greatest experience! No hassle, no run around, great service!
Drove home that day in my 2010 Jeep Patriot
Thank you so much!!

Reymond Mapili
Maple Ridge

February 2016
A good friend of ours referred Mr. Taggart to us.
Our credit was certainly not the best and no car dealership would help us.
Mr Taggart helped my wife and I into our new 2011 Kia Forte and we love it!
Highly recommend the services of Guaranteed Auto Loans.

Jordon Shore

January 2016
All I can say is that it WORKS!!!
Mr Taggart is a finance genius and does EXACTLY what he promises!
Last year I enrolled in his Credit ReBuilder Program. Paid stupid % rate of 29%. Skeptical of the program I listened to people who have gone thru the program.
I am happy to say that I am at 10.9% a year later and just drove home in my 2012 Hyundai Elantra
Very happy to recommend Rob Taggart

Dory-kaye Williams

January 2016
After a year of driving at 29% I came to visit Robert and traded in my 2008 Chrysler Sebring and drove home in my 2010 Dodge Journey at 12.9%
Thank You!

Samantha Barton
Prince George