Car and Truck Loans

Campbell River Car Loans

Auto Loans for BC Residents

  • All Credit Scores Work in Campbell River BC
  • If You Make $2K Per Month You Can Get A Loan
  • Pay Stubs Showing 3 Months of Current Work is Needed
  • Down Payment on Car Purchase Not Required

Pick a Used Car or Truck in Vancouver at a great price and Have it delivered to your Door in Campbell River

Campbell River BC is a thriving community of about 60,000 people. Cars and trucks are needed to get around in this city at all times of the year so we try to make car loans available for all citizens. We have solutions for everyone even if their credit is bad. Bad credit car loans are unavoidably started at a higher than normal interest rate but after one year it can be reduced using our Credit Re-builder Program. All communications and applications are done online and vehicle delivery can be made right to your door. Just click the button below to start.

Campbell River is located midway along Vancouver Island’s eastern shore. Natural beauty and community amenities here offer an unparalleled lifestyle that gives residents, businesses and visitors room to grow and space to breathe.

From eco-adventures and internationally renowned salmon fishing to skiing at Mount Washington, safe streets to cultural treasures, fine dining to golfing, boutique shopping to advanced educational opportunities, community festivals to parks and trails for all ages and abilities, Campbell River has it all!

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