New Testimonials

Sept 2018
Amazing service, I will absolutely be back and will be recommending other people!
Katya Dosanjh
(604) 621-2861

August 2018
Thank you Rob for finding me the perfect car and making it such an easy process!
Rhonda Sherwood
(778) 344-1308

July 2018
Found Guaranteed Auto Loans online and gave them a call. Very kind and professional. Julie came and picked me up which was very nice. I was sick of the Bus….. test drove a bunch of cars and landed on my Chrysler 200. The loan Rob set up for me at Royal Bank was mind blowing! Thank You for all your help. I definitely recommend going to see them.
Neil Hiltz
(604) 276-2609

July 2018
I met Rob a year ago when he helped me get into a loan when no one else would help me. I followed his guidelines and came back today a year later to see him. I am driving home today in my dream car a Toyota Camry. Thank You so much Rob. I will be BACK!
Rolando Mesina
(778) 989-1602

June 2018
I am back getting my second vehicle from Guaranteed Auto Loans. Rob has done exactly what he promised and lowered my % rates and payments. I highly recommend their services. Julie was fantastic as well.
Clayton Patterson
(604) 805-3391

May 2018
I have had the best service and the understanding of what i want is great. This is my 4th car from Robert. LOVE my 2018 Hyundai Sonata.
Dianna Work
(778) 919-6093

May 2018
my experience with Rob and his team at guaranteed auto loan was very professional and friendly. They got me in a car of my choice the same day. I give Rob 5 stars as he helped me in hard times.
Jamie Berthelette
(604) 989-5602

May 2018
This is my 3rd vehicle from Rob and Guaranteed Auto Loans – 5 STARS!! Enough said. They are the BEST!
Gordon Fryer
(250) 852-3790

May 2018
A day ago My experience with Rob and the team could not have been better. I’m very pleased with the care and attention to our financial situation.After having a car accident and our vehicle being a total loss Rob was able to fit us into a vehicle with more options, a car better interest rate and at no dollars more per payment. A win all around!
Coming to my house to pick me up to bring me to the Haley dealership was so convenient. Along the way I had to drop by the bank and ICBC which Julie was more than willing to accommodate. Awesome service!
After the initial deal was complete and signed off on, Rob got back to me a couple days later saying he was able to get it down a bit lower. First time I’ve experienced this from a dealership. By far my best experience to date. Thanks!
Scott Wells
(778) 953-1389

April 2018
Rob always is able to help me especially when it comes time to refinance and keep payments where I need them to be. Definitely recommended!!
Brandi Gadon
(778) 999-5366

April 2018
Rob was great. Made sure I got what i was looking for and needed. Not like other places that gave me no choice. I will be back
Kenn Hill
(778) 822-5366

Feb 2018
I have shopped many car dealerships in the last 30 days and got the run around on whether they could get me approved or not. One car dealer took a deposit from me on a car and I wanted and I waited and waited for the Finance Manger to tell me what they could do in interest rates and whether I was actually approved or not….. it was CRAZY!!
Today I met the staff at Guaranteed Auto Loans. Robert Taggart sat with me and listened to my story as I was feeling very discouraged at this time. Mr. Taggart reviewed my application and made a couple calls to the bank.
What happened next was unbelievable!
What these BIG NAME car dealerships could not do, Guaranteed Auto Loans had done in less than an hour.
Ed Perrault was spectacular and really listened to what I wanted.
Drove home in my new 2017 fully loaded Mitsubishi Lancer GTS all wheel drive!!!! YAY!!!
7.9% interest rate from Bank of Nova Scotia. The other car dealer could not do this but Rob Taggart made it happen!!!
I will be back and for sure – sending all my friends to see Robert and Edward
Chantelle Morin

Feb 2018
Lets just say my credit is far from perfect.
I filled out lots of credit applications and no one responded but Guaranteed Auto Loans.
Came to see them and Robert sat with me and showed me where I was at with my current credit score and showed me what he could do with no money down.
No B.S. just great advice.
Drove home today in my 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer.
Telling everyone to go see these guys.
David MacGillivray

Feb 2018
My dad recommended Guaranteed Auto Loans to me so I went to visit Rob and check out what he could offer.
This was the 1st time for me in buying a car and did not really have any credit to speak of
The magician did his work like others told me and I drove home in my 2015 Honda Civic SI at 6.99%
Totally recommend Guaranteed Auto Loans to anyone and everyone!
Ty Emmerson

Feb 2018
Everyone said NO to me, EVERYONE!
I found these guys on the internet and BANG!
Got exactly what I wanted and Ed Perrault is the BEST guy ever to deal with.
Robert explained the credit rebuilding program to me and I was happy to enroll
Happy owner of a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan
Will be back next year!
Andrew Doucette

Jan 2018
I am back today buying my 4th vehicle from Robert.
We started in him credit rebuilding program about 4 years ago.
Well, all I can say is it works!
My credit is repaired and today I am driving home in my BRAND NEW 2018 Hyundai Sonata! Did I mention that it was BRAND NEW!!
Go see these guys.
Shelly Varga

Jan 2018
I went to a lot of car dealerships and nobody could help me, or did not want to help me.
Saw Guaranteed Auto Loans on the internet and read their reviews like I am writing now.
Ed Perrault gave me a call and found me the perfect vehicle for my daughter and I. Our current vehicle was not safe and this was a huge factor for me.
Rob Taggart is a very kind man and showed me all the financing. Made me feel very comfortable in the decision to buy. As a single mother this was a very scary experience in buying a car but Ed and Robert made it so enjoyable.
Today I am driving home in my very own 2014 Ford Focus
Reena Sievert

Jan 2018
I met Rob Taggart back in 2012 when my credit was completely broken. I trusted his program and his good reputation at doing what he says. It all was true!
I stand today buying my 5th vehicle from Guaranteed Auto Loans. My credit is perfect and I am driving home with my new 2017 Chrysler 300 at 6.74%
The only place to go!
Jim Ion

Jan 2018
Rob Taggart is and always will be our go to guy now. He has helped my family when times were tough and has always done what he promised. Our credit is now at Prime.
This is the 5th vehicle we have bought from him.
My wife always wanted a new Jeep Wrangler and that’s exactly what we bought.
Thank You Robert!
Devin Fex

Jan 2018
Go see Ed Perrault everyone!
He helped me find the perfect vehicle for me and got me approved with TD Bank at a good % rate.
Laurie Goring

Dec 2017
My 2nd vehicle from Guaranteed Auto Loans.
I enrolled in the credit rebuilding program last year and Robert cut my % rates in half this time around.
Happy owner of a 2014 GMC Terrain.
Will be back next year
Ken Hill

Nov 2017
This is the 4th vehicle I have bought from Rob Taggart
We started in his Credit Rebuilding program at 29.9%
Today I drove home in my 2017 Dodge Ram Crew Cab 4WD with only 14000km on it and I am paying 6.20%!!!!!
This is the ONLY place to go if you truly want to fix your past credit.
Kelly Brown

Nov 2017
This is the 2nd vehicle I have bought from Guaranteed Auto Loans
This time around Mr. Taggart lowered my % rates to 8.9% and I bought a 2016 Nissan Rogue AWD
I highly recommend Rob Taggart and the very nice staff of Guaranteed Auto Loans
Lisa Grills

NOV 2017
This is the 4th vehicle I have bought from Rob Taggart
We started in his Credit Rebuilding program at 29.9%
Today I drove home in my 2017 Dodge Ram Crew Cab 4WD with only 14000km on it and I am paying 6.20%!!!!!
This is the ONLY place to go if you truly want to fix your past credit.

Kelly Brown