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January 2022
Rob was an absolute professional and helped me when I needed it the most. Thank you Rob!
Gordon Lefferson

November 2021
Very quick in responding to my questions, great customer service and great selection of vehicles
Gordon Lefferson
(604) 846-3245

November 2021
Such a lovely team who went above and beyond expectations, Found me a vehicle that worked with my needs and around my schedule to arrange vehicle drop off; Absolute 5/5
Meisha Andreya

November 2021
Helped when most needed ! Rob is a great guy !
Cory Bourdon
(778) 512-9074

August 2021
Good quality, good value, professional, and very responsive…all the above. I came away happy with the vehicle that I purchased. Robert not only gave me a reliable car, but he worked with the bank to give me a very reasonable payment plan. At another dealership I was offered $4500 lesser deal than what Guaranteed Auto Loans gave me on a trade in. I highly recommend buying a vehicle with this dealership, you won’t be let down! True story 🙂
Sandra Peters
(250) 377-7674

August 2021
Quick and easy ,fast and efficient ,done right and on time .. rob was one of the best sales associate I have ever dealt with .. I would recommend this company to friends and family and thous in need of a car .. thanks for everything …
Paul Hollohan
(236) 457-7499

August 2021
I reached out expecting to be told that I would not be able to get any car at all. I had been driving a 17 year old car that was not very safe to drive. I have just done a consumer proposal and a recent car repo, and when I left driving the car I chose with payments I can afford, I could not say enough good things about Robert Taggert. I was never pressured and I lost my embarrassment quite quickly because the while office staff are a great group. I will for sure be recommending this to my family members and friends. I have zero buyers remorse and my only regret is that I didn’t call this place sooner.
Karen King
(604) 832-7589

August 2021
Rob & Edward will surely help you guys get the car you need! Highly recommend! ✌🏻🚗
Joshua Asistio
(250) 683-8089

August 2021
This is the best business!! with five star valued customer service 100% Satisfaction!
Willow Wood
(250) 316-0278

July 2021
Robert was really cool. Made the process so much easier for me to buy my first car. He was very welcoming and took time to understand the situation and provided with the best possible service. I would definitely recommend him if you are looking to finance your car be it from the dealership or a private seller.
Sounak Ranjan Das
(236) 998-4331

July 2021
Awesome guys!! They went above and beyond to make sure I left the lot with something I was comfortable with and what was in my budget ! I would definitely recommend David and Rob to anyone in need of a vehicle with good/bad credit!
The post above was from last year when Rob made it possible for me to drive off with a car I liked. This year, as he said to return with no late payments, I could trade my vehicle in for a nicer car with a lower interest rate! Beyond Happy and Rob kept his word! Thank you for the sweet ride ! Cheers!!
Nathan Nichols
(604) 358-5569

July 2021
Ed and Rob were amazing to deal with. Within a day I had my vehicle delivered to me by Ed personally, and Rob was on the phone to ensure all was good and the vehicle was satisfactory. I have dealt with Rob for at least 3 vehicles and he always goes out of his way to ensure that I was satisfied with all my purchases, plus he got me a loan with very low interest.
William Ritchot
(778) 201-7972

June 2021
We were extremely happy with Rob and his team. They found us the exact vehicle we were looking for, with lower KM’s and a lower price tag than we were expecting to pay. They even installed a backup camera for us. We would definitely use them again in the future.
Heidi Kunert

June 2021
Rob and Neil are super great! They worked with me to get me into a vehicle I love. I highly recommend working with them! Update: I have now gotten my second vehicle from Rob!! He worked with me to help me get into a larger a vehicle that works better for my family. I made sure to pay my loan every two weeks and it paid off! After 9 months he was able to get me a lower interest rate with a big bank and now I’m on “phase 2”. Next phase will be an even lower interest rate 🙂 I can’t say enough great things about these folks 🙂 They really work hard to help you build your credit and to get into the vehicle that suits you the best 🙂
Heather Newman
(604) 369-2386

June 2021
Excellent service so professional letting me sit back and decide what car I want not choosing for me Thanks again for all your help.
Daniel Upsdell
(778) 239-8037

June 2021
I was so happy with how professional they were. Made me feel super important. Definable as superb customer service
Lorna-Jeanne Houle
(604) 578-8496

June 2021
Thank you for the awesome team at Guaranteed Auto Loans for all their help on finding the right car for me. I look forward to doing more business with them too. I am so happy and love my cute car! #Yayyy♡
Jessica Small
(604) 215-5725

May 2021
Wonderful professional, quick, efficient, courteous service. I was able to buy a vehicle last year with poor credit, and then upgrade after one year with a lower interest rate, on a comprehensive 3 year plan to rebuild my credit. The staff is awesome. Great experience. They make you feel at ease with the financing and purchase process as they are all very caring. I will continue to deal with Rob and his team for future financing options and I have recommended to others who may be struggling to purchase a car with poor or no credit.
Melissa Forsyth
(604) 319-7318

May 2021
Rob and his team are truly the best! They have jumped through hoops and over barriers not once but twice for me to help me get back into a vehicle! They definitely go above and beyond for the customers to get them what they need! These guys truly are like family and I couldn’t be more appreciated!
Nicole Burt
(604) 782-6155

May 2021
Very nice people, got a great car at a great regrets!
Ellen J Milligan
(604) 377-7913

May 2021
Rob and his team were excellent from start to finish, highly recommend!
Tim Krulicki
(604) 316-2522

May 2021
Omg Robert!!!!! I never expected to drive away with a 2020 vehicle have the lowest interest rate I ever had in my life plus get $5k cash back. I am so happy it’s not even funny. The soul is my dream car! I just don’t know what to say. Ed and Tim and even Angie were amazing!!! And I owe it all to you Rob!!! I’m tearing writing this. Thank you so much!!!! I hope we can see each other soon but you concentrate on feeling 💯! ….I guess you guys will let me when the cash back check is ready. I think Tim said it should ready on Tuesday or Wed.
Christina Simpson
(604) 202-6600

April 2021
Rob was great. Help me into another great ride.
Kenn Hill
(778) 822-5366

April 2021
Rob and the team got me a great car, with a great interest rate and after a couple of years I refinanced for a lower rate. I was given great advice on building credit and additional financial advice as a bonus. Was a pleasure dealing with them. Very professional and personable. Highly recommend.
Ben Franklin
(778) 686-1646

April 2021
Very smooth process from beginning to end. More specifically I would like to give high praise to Robert Taggart. His knowledge and experience in auto sales, and most importantly, getting the right loan, is outstanding. I have been Robert’s client for almost 8 years and he always made things work for me.
Elnur Allahverdiyev
(604) 716-7017

April 2021
Guaranteed Auto Loans with Rob and his staff were able to help me get a great rate for my vehicle and I’ll be doing my business exclusively with their company in the future.

March 2021
Got a car we could easily afford, Rob and Alex were helpful and kept us involved in all the steps in financing process.
Even after 2 weeks of purchase they text and ask if everything is good with the vehicle.
Harpriya Singh
(236) 888-8749

February 2021
Rob Made magic happen for me even though my situation was not the best. He got me in a reliable vehicle to safely get my Daughter around. When i was faced with issues he was on top of it to make sure i was taken care of. Really felt like one of those too good to be true situations but it is all legit.
Chelsea S
(250) 575-2270

February 2021
Rob and staff were very honest and answered all my questions, making me confident in my purchase.
Ana Meshkintoreh
(778) 223-5489

February 2021
Great service and my 2nd vehicle through their credit rebuild program. My interest rate had also dropped a considerable amount no joke!! I thank you guys at Guaranteed Auto Loan for helping me help myself! 5 stars deserved for sure! A very happy customer! 🙂
Jodaiya S.
(604) 317-9117

January 2021
Incredible people, amazing and an unbelievably successful experience. Robert was on top of everything from the beginning and I was really shocked to be approved. Thank you so much!
Mohammad Kassab
(416) 995-9252

January 2021
Rob and his team are AMAZING. They were so great to work with and they answered all my questions. They made sure I was happy with the vehicle I pick and even helped me UPGRADE in 6 MONTHS to a NEWER car and at a LOWER interest. Rob works so hard to help you get a good deal and really cares about helping you build credit and get a car that you want.

His team is soo friend and he also let me have my pup with me. He also checks in with you after your vehicle purchase to check in and see how you like it and make sure you’re happy. It’s such a weight off your shoulders knowing that when you leave that lot that they are still available to help you out if anything comes up. He give you his personal contact so you can reach him at anytime with any questions. So grateful. I would honestly recommend to others.
May Guzman
(778) 885-4341

December 2020
Very friendly staff makes you feel at home
Shawn Gagnon
(250) 902-8213

December 2020
Once again these guys knocked it out of the park!!!!!
Vychan Kleeband
(604) 828-4574

December 2020
Rob was very professional, acted very quick, empathetic, efficient and more importantly he made our dream a reality!
Kirstie Merkt-Caprile
(604) 264-0848

December 2020
Great job finding me the perfect vehicle. Rob and his sales team are friendly, knowledgeable and not pushy. The process was not only fast but fun!!! I will recommend to everyone I know!
Angela Hill

December 2020
Rob is easy to reach and fast to respond. Dealer ship has large selection of vehicles and friendly staff on site. Got my car there ! Thank you guys ☺️!
Inna Polansky
(604) 351-9712

December 2020
Many thanks to Rob Taggert for working with me to secure the vehicle that I needed. In my opinion this dealership is undoubtedly, hands down the best I have dealt with!
Rob Grant
(604) 613-8876

November 2020
Rob made the experience easy. My salesman was awesome and I drove away with my new car the same day with great financing. I would recommend this team to my friends.
Lori Sinclair
(778) 549-2502

November 2020
Been dealing with Rob – what an excellent experience to deal with such an outstanding professional. I can highly recommend Rob. He goes out of his way – every time!
Dirk Maritz
(250) 616-3610

November 2020
This is the best place to get your next vehicle. Rob Taggart is the best person to talk to.
Gordon Fryer
(250) 312-5429

November 2020
They did everything to get me into my new car.
Kostas Kaounas
(604) 499-7837

November 2020
I was not expecting the service my husband and I received when we went to guaranteed auto. We have been denied at numerous places with just a flat no sorry we can’t help you. I was so surprised when Rob Taggart said he would not only give us a suv but also help rebuild our credit. Thank you again for all your help.
Danielle Hall
(236) 838-2899

November 2020
The team down on Marine Dr. Including Khanh, Dean and Ken not to mention all the rest of the positive and energic Staff I was literally picked up and believed in. A stunt actor w not so good credit. We made a deal and they assisted me in getting into a 2018 Ford Ecosport w $0 down. Can’t beat that anywhere. Their biggest fan…
Jason Anthony Griffith
(604) 813-0458

November 2020
The people @Guarenteed Auto Loans Were all absolutely amazing they took the time to consider my personal interest in a vehicle that I had been wanting and secured it for me while during my wait and all they were all offering me water or even a warm cup of coffee I have to say that this is one of those places you go to of you value your time the people here are original professional and very chill I know for myself I won’t go anywhere else I strongly suggest if you want a vehicle the folks here are amazing and their vehicle selection is great a friend of mine secured a Toyota Corolla 2017 sport edition very nice car also never an issue gotta give em a call and submit your requests they go above and beyond to make you feel heard I couldn’t be any happier all the best thanks again to guaranteed auto loans for getting me my dream vehicle!
Joshua Morgan
(778) 239-2494

October 2020
Rob was amazing at helping me to get a newer low mileage car without breaking the bank, he was able to give me a fair value for my trade-in and a loan to help rebuild my credit. Thanks Rob!!!
Juli Ens
(604) 832-6854

October 2020
I just want to say that I had a great Experience with Bcsautosales in south Vancouver. I am from Nanaimo. Both Robert and Neil Made it very easy for me to get into the car I chose although my credit was horrible. Great car payment and love my car! I recommend this place! Thanks Guys! Cheers!
Linda Johnson
(778) 792-7725

September 2020
As a person who doesn’t know much about cars, i loved my experience at Guaranteed auto loans. They act with integrity and the best value for used cars, no price bargaining needed.
Imran Khan
(778) 892-6660

September 2020
I would like to say a big thank you to Rob Taggart and his team. Re refinanced with them after one year and he got us the lowest rate possible. We highly recommended them!
Savanna Franklyn
(778) 227-6896

September 2020
We had a great experience in the Guarantee Auto Loans, mainly with Rob Taggart. As newcomers, he helped us buy our first car in a way that exceeded our expectations. Very friendly and professional Rob, Neil, and team assisted us with an excellent quality of service.
Sergio Lousada
(778) 580-7138

September 2020
This is my second time dealing with Rob and his team, they have never disappointed me or tried to rip me off. They work within your budget and help you build a better credit ratting.
Neil Hiltz
(778) 389-1531

September 2020
This was a very smooth and friendly process. From Rob, Ed to Dave. The service was excellent. I was very happy with the price/value of my vehicle. I would recommend their services unequivocally!
Bobby C.
(778) 229-5777

September 2020
Rob, Neil and the team at BSC we’re extremely informative and helpful in the car purchasing process. Regardless of credit, they were able to match me with a vehicle that suited my needs that very same day. After months of searching, I can easily say this has been the most positive experience I have had at a dealership!
Chelsea Mageau
(403) 617-0755

September 2020
Rob and Neil are super great! They worked with me to get me into a vehicle I love. I highly recommend working with them!
Heather Newman
(604) 369-2386

September 2020
From the first initial point of contact, Rob was very helpful in getting me out of a horrible contract and setting me up with an amazing deal! All the staff were friendly, helpful, flexible and accommodating. I highly recommend Rob and the rest of the team at Guaranteed Loans. They’re doing a great job
Juliana Relja
(604) 313-4999

August 2020
I got a great deal on a 2013 Honda Fit. Rob and Dan worked out the details on the financing and I was good to go on the same day I went over to the lot. I thought I would have a problem with financing but it was no problem at all thanks to their resourcefulness. Thank you so much guys. I will be back. 7 years later….. My Honda Fit got totaled so I went back and got a great deal on a 2018 Nissan Micra with problem-free financing. Thank you so much again Robert.
Rainer Kunert
(778) 887-8350

August 2020
Great team of professionals! Robert did a great job in getting me into the vehicle I wanted. My credit was horrible but now that’s to him I can rebuild it with this car loan. Thanks Gaurenteed Auto Loans!!
Levon James
(604) 991-9694

August 2020
Buying a car for a first-time buyer can be stressful as there are many unknowns especially in my case as it was a rebuilt. But thanks to Rob, I felt very safe. I knew he had my back and was going to guide me well. It’s a different matter that I could not eventually go ahead with the purchase cause of some personal emergency expense (an accident in a rented car) but from the moment I spoke to Rob, I felt I was in safe hands as he made sure to have his own mechanic inspect the car and also recommended a second opinion from the manufacturer. I will certainly be buying a car later in the year and I know where to come. Highly recommended!
Jonathan Gilder
(778) 233-9878

August 2020
I had an awesome experience getting a newer vehicle here. Rob and his team are awesome and I would definitely recommend them! If you’re looking for a vehicle, this is the place to go.
Brady Bond
(778) 709-0069

July 2020
Dave really catered to my needs, making sure I got a vehicle that suited my lifestyle but was also within my budget. Highly recommend to anyone shopping for a new vehicle.
Brittany Brown
(604) 741-5879

July 2020
As a new car buyer, I was nervous about getting a bad deal. But after sitting down and meeting the guys I felt confident I was at the right place. I got a great deal and a very reliable vehicle and not having the best credit they really helped me get my butt behind the wheel. I’d recommend Guaranteed Auto Loans to anyone I know.
Jimmy Heebner
(604) 951-3363

July 2020
Rob at Guaranteed Auto Loans had me in a car with an awesome rate before my bank even called me back. Highly recommended!
Trisha Gervais
(250) 808-6152

July 2020
Buying a car can be quite stressful. Thank goodness for Rob and Dave. They want clients to be satisfied with the deal that they’re getting — and what a good deal we got! They worked with us, made things happen, and let us drive home with the minivan that we wanted. Dave went the extra mile to make sure all our concerns were addressed. We definitely recommend Guaranteed Auto Loans. Fast, reliable, and professional.
James Philip Eucapor
(604) 616-0164

July 2020
Hey everyone! The people at Guaranteed Auto treated me great. I love my truck and Dave McKay did a great job getting me on the road. I had to drive to the island and the guys there really respected my time by having all the paperwork ready to go when I showed up. Give Dave and the team a call when you need a new ride. Mine fits the bill. Thanks Dave, you’re the best. I’ll be back!
Blake Toth
(250) 884-9475

July 2020
Dave is the guy that you wanna talk to. Professional, kind and helpful most importantly.
Lil High

June 2020
Rob and Dave Mckay were awesome They was very friendly, honest, and straight forward.Rob got me financing for half of what i was paying. Dave got me in the car I wanted.I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a car. The process was quick and easy. Thank You.
Shawn Baric
(604) 726-3380

June 2020
Very easy to deal with and excellent customer service
Robert Gill
(778) 586-4530

June 2020
Awesome guys!! They went above and beyond to make sure I left the lot with something I was comfortable with and what was in my budget ! I would definitely recommend David and Rob to anyone in need of a vehicle with good/bad credit!
Nathan Nichols
(604) 358-5569

June 2020
David was good guy to deal with. There was no pressure to buy anything and he only showed us what we were interested in. Plus he had us picked up in langley to meet in Vancouver. No problem. Overall was a very satisfying experience and would recommend him to anyone looking for a good car buying experience.
Jeffrey Kaszonyi
(236) 889-3448

June 2020
This was a very smooth and friendly process. From Rob, Ed to Dave. The service was excellent. I was very happy with the price/value of my vehicle. I would recommend their services unequivocally.
Bobby C
(778) 229-5777

June 2020
Initially I had a car loan with a dirty company that whacked me I was always soaking money into my old car roughly 3500 I found this place and I was amazed not only did the owner help get me into a brand new safe vehicle but he sorted out all the auto financing with the bank and etc he is by far the best experience I have ever had at a vehicle dealership everything I have now is amazing and it’s all because of all the wonderful people at Guaranteed auto loans I know this sounds like babble but I am confident in my review this is the best dealership I would go as far as to write another five stars giving them a ten star review my experience has been nothing but the best I strongly recommend guaranteed auto loans for their smooth and timely service …. ten stars also to Robert taggart no one else can do what he does thanks Robert for all your help with my new Safe car ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Harry Dhami
(604) 446-6371

June 2020
Rob is simply the best. I looked at a couple of cars online and fell in love with a Jeep they had. Unfortunately for me it was sold and being delivered that day. Rob found another for me and even better than the first! Went back 3 days later and left with my new Jeep. The whole experience was so fast and easily. I highly recommend Guaranteed Auto Loans!
Elizabeth Spencer

June 2020
Rob was constant support throughout my purchase…..very honest and hard working for me…I appreciate his great customer service….sense of humor and friendly demeanor…I can trust Rob for future purchases…..You should too!!
Joan Keller
(250) 920-9530

June 2020
Rob was able to get the financing for me that the dealer couldn’t. He was straight forward and very professional. I am re-building my credit after a divorce and Rob was there to guide me through the entire process. After all is said and done, I’d now consider Rob a trusted friend and would not hesitate to recommend his company to my family or fiends. Great experience! 👍

Shawn Fahr
(250) 812-6202

June 2020
Robert and his team are professional always willing to help with anything you need ! 5 star experience always. You will not be disappointed! Enjoy your next vehicle! Mustang owner Kelly Brown Thank you

Kelly Brown
(604) 897-8101

May 2020
Awesome doing business with Rob, he answered all my questions and got me in the vehicle I wanted, the whole process was easy and fast, I would highly recommend Guaranteed Auto Loans to anyone wanting to get into a better vehicle even with low credit, other places either denied me or wanted to charge outrageous interest rates, super happy with the entire process and my new car.

Kirsty Vezeau
(250) 551-7360

May 2020
Absolutely amazing! I fell in the category of “even my mother wouldn’t lend me a cent” and Robert made it happen! Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏🏽 Love my little race car red Ford Focus 🚗 …and Ed delivered my car with a smile 🙂 Def recommended. Best way to repair my bruised credit.

Holly Menzies
(250) 863-7933

March 2020
Met Rob on a Saturday. afternoon. told him what I was interested in and he came up with a GMC. That I was interested in he went to work on the Loan and I left with the truck very very Satisfied thanks Rob.

Roger Ouellet
(604) 765-3543

March 2020
This was seriously the easiest process I have ever gone through when buying a vehicle. It was a pain free interaction and I appreciate that. The staff were great, non judgemental and easy to communicate with. I was skeptical at first like most but quickly realized my best interests were being taken into consideration. Thank you!! I’m a very happy customer!

Jody Schneberk
(604) 317-9117

March 2020
Hands down the best dealership when it comes to helping and making things happen for their customers, and 5 star quality when it comes to customer service and super kid friendly environment my son Jacob loved his day at one of their many locations 🤙💪🏼❤️

Reymond Mapili
(236) 888-8121

March 2020
With Rob’s plan to rebuild your credit while getting you into a car works wonders. Guaranteed auto loans is run by wonderful people and everyone is polite and treats you with respect. I just bought my 4th car from them and couldn’t be happier.

Clayton Patterson
(604) 805-3390

February 2020
Thanks so much for the help Rob!!

Gabriel Golindanos

February 2020
We had an awesome, hassle-free first experience with Rob. Love the easy going service/communication and quick response time. Had a small mechanical problem with the vehicle we bought, which again was rectified very quickly and at no expense to us. Highly recommend Rob Taggart to anyone looking for someone that is actually working for the buyer. Thanks

Nelson Wadel
(250) 402-3464

February 2020
This company is amazing when I thought I didn’t have a chance in hell at buying a vehicle, they came through faster and more professional than I could’ve imagined. I drove home within an hour and a half. More business will definitely be coming for me. Thank you guys.

Anthony Krell
(604) 767-4192

February 2020
Rob & all the staff were incredible from start to finish. There were simply no options for us until we found Guaranteed Auto Loans. Rob ensured my husband and I both got into vehicles that entirely exceeded what we expected. We could not be happier and recommend these guys to everyone!

Jasmine Corbet
(604) 440-0417

February 2020
The manager and sales people are so helpful and grateful. very easy to talk to. They’ll put you in a the vehicle of your choice. I didn’t even have to wait two days and I was off the lot stress free!

Alveen Prasad
(778) 773-3127

January 2020
From the moment I inquired, everything was prompt and efficient. Rob had answers to all my questions and Raj assisted with courtesy shuttle service and finding a vehicle within my budget. Within 24 hours I had a vehicle and drove away the same day. Such a great team!

Makella Mildenberger
(778) 628-0931

January 2020
I became a Guaranteed Auto Loan customer as a result of the service I got BEFORE I even headed into the car lot. I had a specific loan situation and I wanted help with that. Hence my pre-purchase questions. I arrived at the lot, and left same day with great car, and more importantly much, much better interest rate. I can recomend Guaranteed Auto Loan as an excellent resource to align your finances and leave with a great car!

Mary Pichette
(778) 838-2714

January 2020
I reached out to a few credit re-builders and none was able to help me except for one and that’s Guaranteed Auto Loans. It wasn’t that easy rebuilding my credit and getting the car that I wanted but with the help of Rob and Ed I was able to improve my situation. My credit score improved and I now drive the vehicle that I wanted. I wanna say thank you to Rob and Ed and Guaranteed Auto Loans for all the help.

Roland Mesina
(778) 989-1602

September 2019
Guaranteed Auto Loans went above and beyond expectations. They work magic. I want to say a special thank you to Edward, he had a very long day driving the car to Campbell River. He still had a smile on his face and was awesome with my 3year old. I absolutely recommend this company for your auto needs.
Carla Childs
(250) 202-4609

September 2019
Can’t speak highly enough of Rob and Edward. Rob moved mountains to get me great financing on my vehicle, even organising me a shuttle from Langley to Vancouver due to a vehicle accident I had earlier that day. Edward was really knowledgeable and helpful, he made the whole process really stress free. The company is Fast and efficient, and their selection of vehicles is fantastic. Got low mileage and a pristine vehicle for an extremely competitive price. I won’t be buying my vehicles anywhere else from now on. Cannot speak highly enough of them.
Jeremy Sharman
(778) 908-3950

September 2019
I would like to say a big thank you to Rob Taggart and his team at Just Cars. We drove away with a beautiful SUV the price was fair the service was exceptional we could not be any happier. Thank you!
(778) 227-6896

August 2019
I have been dealing with Rob for the last four years and each time has been very easy and my vehicles have been delivered to me very quickly. very painless process and I have loved my Dodge Challenger and now i am loving my Dodge Ram 4×4. Thanks Rob from me and the kids!
Karen Vandervoort
(250) 515-1273

July 2019
Rob made it very easy for me to get into a truck. Within days of applying the truck was delivered to me in my hometown. I would recommend this guy to anyone looking to get into a new vehicle fast. A plus was the delivery guy Ed also made this purchase easy and fast and was honestly and straight forward. Keep it up guys amazing work!

Curtis Spencer
(250) 318-9363

July 2019
I have just purchased a 2015 Jeep Compass Limited from Robert Taggart and Guaranteed Auto Loans. I am delighted with my purchase and with the outstanding customer service I received from Robert. He had several vehicles at the ready for me to choose from…..the sales staff were knowledgeable and helpful. I had contacted Robert a month in advance and he was fully prepared for our meeting. The entire process was fast, efficient, professional and I could not have been more pleased. Thank you for excellent customer service….I appreciate it.
William Smillie

May 2019
I made some mistakes in my past that hurt my credit, but Rob was really helpful and was able to get me a reduced interest rate on my auto loan. I highly recommend Guaranteed Auto Loans for anyone looking to rebuild their credit. The whole process was very quick and painless!
Sarah DeMaere
(778) 918-5753

May 2019
I would highly recommend anyone about to buy a vehicle to strongly consider the guys at Guaranteed Auto Loans. Rob and Glenn and Ed could not do enough to help us through the process, they were respectful, helpful and made for we feared would be a difficult process very easy. So considering buying a vehicle make Guaranteed Auto Loans, your first choice you will be very pleased I am sure.
George Croft
(250) 860-6680

April 2019
Rob and Ed made it the whole experience of buying a car so relaxed and comfortable, I had all but given up hope, but these guys are the best!! Thanks again!!
Aubri Kleeband
(604) 968-3155

March 2019
Rob and ‘King’ Edward made everything so easy for me! Rob had my approval done the same day I inquired about purchasing a vehicle. When I came to see Rob, he had my file ready, went over my approval with me and what I truly respected was his honesty and transparency.
Ed showed me some vehicles and I picked one out to test drive and decided to purchase it!
I came back the very next day to sign the paperwork and there were no surprises. Everything was exactly as we discussed and I drove home a very happy lady in the nicest vehicle I’ve ever owned!
For someone with less than perfect credit such as myself, applying for financing can be a very difficult and embarrassing process. Rob took all of that stress away and actually made me feel pretty good about my credit and opportunities to improve it. If you are looking for a new car, I strongly and wholeheartedly recommend coming to see Rob Taggart. Absolutely outstanding customer service with none of the dodgy ‘salesman’ tactics. They are truly genuine people and you can tell they care about their clients.
I give this place a one million out of ten!!!
Rob and Ed – thank you so much for everything. I will never shop for a vehicle anywhere else!

Erin Quinn
(250) 877-2097

March 2019
I’m giving Rob Taggart 5 stars.
Rob has gone above and beyond to help me and my kids get into a new car. He was very patient and helpful. He found me a vehicle that matched our life perfectly. Everything went very quickly and smoothly. They even delivered my new Ford escape right to my house.
Amazing service and will be dealing with Robert from now on. Edward was also a complete delight to work with. He showed me everything I needed to know about the car and was very concerned about my children’s safety as well as my own. And is just an all around awesome guy!
I’m one happy camper!!!
Riley Charles
(250) 674-8522

January 2019
The vehicle we bought from Guaranteed Auto Loans 2 years ago was just written off. I called Rob and he looked after everything. Lowered our % rates and we drove home in our new 2018 Kia Optima. Very easy and was done all in one day. Thank You Robert
Kirk Bullough
(604) 786-1227

December 2018
My plan was going to buy an older model used car with no a/c (which had me concerned) and then learned from Rob the car had been in a major undisclosed accident. Rob then upgraded me to a newer model vehicle with a/c, power windows and lower mileage for the same price. It was a great deal and I drove away that afternoon with my “new” car. Thanks, Rob.
Go See Rob and the staff of Guaranteed Auto Loans. Great HONEST People!!
Nancy Eberts
(604) 805-7191

December 2018
Even though a Bear’s fan, Rob was very helpful to find us the car we, seriously, wanted, and make things work so we could drive it off the lot, which we did! We are so happy with our 2018 Kia Optima and still can’t believe it’s ours!!! Quite the Christmas present!! We’ll definitely be back!
Linda Johnson
(778) 294-4309

December 2018
Very satisfied, quick and painless I would recommend the team at Guaranteed Auto Loans they went above and beyond to satisfy me.
Serena Marsh
(604) 763-6654

November 2018
Back again to buy our 3rd vehicle from Guaranteed Auto Loans. Today my wife and I picked up our 2018 Hyundai Sonata. Thank You Rob for fixing my credit, very much appreciated.
Darryl Dunn
(604) 556-6118

November 2018
This is my 2nd vehicle that I have purchased from Rob. Excellent service and fantastic prices! Highly recommend Guaranteed Auto Loans. They helped me way back when my credit was not so good and today my credit is completely restored. Thank You Rob. We love our New Ford Edge.
Elnur Allahverdiye
(604) 716-7017

November 2018
This has by far been my most enjoyable vehicle purchase. I would very strongly recommend Guaranteed Auto Loans for people with good credit or bad credit. They will get you the right vehicle at the best rate!!!
Jason Ready
(604) 615-8097

October 2018
Special thanks to you Rob for all your efforts. I love the car. It drove beautifully. I found out it has radar as I triggered it for a few seconds passing delineator pylons. I nearly jumped out my seat for a split second when it went off. The car is loaded to the hilt with features including heated steering wheel and heated mirrors. Many gratitudes to you.
Daryl Bulych
(604) 929-2294

Sept 2018
Amazing service, I will absolutely be back and will be recommending other people!
Katya Dosanjh
(604) 621-2861

Sept 2018
My experience was better than I could have imagined! Julie was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. This was my first time buying a car and I never once felt pushed into making the purchase. The customer service was outstanding as well.
Thank you for all your help!
Autumn Philips
(778) 968-4755

Sept 2018
Amazing service, I will absolutely be back and will be recommending other people!
Katya Dosanjh
(604) 621-2861

August 2018
Thank you Rob for finding me the perfect car and making it such an easy process!
Rhonda Sherwood
(778) 344-1308

July 2018
Found Guaranteed Auto Loans online and gave them a call. Very kind and professional. Julie came and picked me up which was very nice. I was sick of the Bus….. test drove a bunch of cars and landed on my Chrysler 200. The loan Rob set up for me at Royal Bank was mind blowing! Thank You for all your help. I definitely recommend going to see them.
Neil Hiltz
(604) 276-2609

July 2018
I met Rob a year ago when he helped me get into a loan when no one else would help me. I followed his guidelines and came back today a year later to see him. I am driving home today in my dream car a Toyota Camry. Thank You so much Rob. I will be BACK!
Rolando Mesina
(778) 989-1602

June 2018
I am back getting my second vehicle from Guaranteed Auto Loans. Rob has done exactly what he promised and lowered my % rates and payments. I highly recommend their services. Julie was fantastic as well.
Clayton Patterson
(604) 805-3391

May 2018
I have had the best service and the understanding of what i want is great. This is my 4th car from Robert. LOVE my 2018 Hyundai Sonata.
Dianna Work
(778) 919-6093

May 2018
my experience with Rob and his team at guaranteed auto loan was very professional and friendly. They got me in a car of my choice the same day. I give Rob 5 stars as he helped me in hard times.
Jamie Berthelette
(604) 989-5602

May 2018
This is my 3rd vehicle from Rob and Guaranteed Auto Loans – 5 STARS!! Enough said. They are the BEST!
Gordon Fryer
(250) 852-3790

May 2018
A day ago My experience with Rob and the team could not have been better. I’m very pleased with the care and attention to our financial situation.After having a car accident and our vehicle being a total loss Rob was able to fit us into a vehicle with more options, a car better interest rate and at no dollars more per payment. A win all around!
Coming to my house to pick me up to bring me to the Haley dealership was so convenient. Along the way I had to drop by the bank and ICBC which Julie was more than willing to accommodate. Awesome service!
After the initial deal was complete and signed off on, Rob got back to me a couple days later saying he was able to get it down a bit lower. First time I’ve experienced this from a dealership. By far my best experience to date. Thanks!
Scott Wells
(778) 953-1389

April 2018
Rob is amazing. He worked with me and my credit history and got me into an awesome 2015 journey sxt. My paper work, since I am self employed, was a nightmare but he figured it all out. He got me my dream car when most dealerships and bad credit companies couldn’t help. Thanks again Rob and your amazing team.
Jaimie Gilroy
(604) 832-7127

April 2018
Rob always is able to help me especially when it comes time to refinance and keep payments where I need them to be. Definitely recommended!!
Brandi Gadon
(778) 999-5366

April 2018
Rob was great. Made sure I got what i was looking for and needed. Not like other places that gave me no choice. I will be back
Kenn Hill
(778) 822-5366

Feb 2018
I have shopped many car dealerships in the last 30 days and got the run around on whether they could get me approved or not. One car dealer took a deposit from me on a car and I wanted and I waited and waited for the Finance Manger to tell me what they could do in interest rates and whether I was actually approved or not….. it was CRAZY!!
Today I met the staff at Guaranteed Auto Loans. Robert Taggart sat with me and listened to my story as I was feeling very discouraged at this time. Mr. Taggart reviewed my application and made a couple calls to the bank.
What happened next was unbelievable!
What these BIG NAME car dealerships could not do, Guaranteed Auto Loans had done in less than an hour.
Ed Perrault was spectacular and really listened to what I wanted.
Drove home in my new 2017 fully loaded Mitsubishi Lancer GTS all wheel drive!!!! YAY!!!
7.9% interest rate from Bank of Nova Scotia. The other car dealer could not do this but Rob Taggart made it happen!!!
I will be back and for sure – sending all my friends to see Robert and Edward
Chantelle Morin

Feb 2018
Lets just say my credit is far from perfect.
I filled out lots of credit applications and no one responded but Guaranteed Auto Loans.
Came to see them and Robert sat with me and showed me where I was at with my current credit score and showed me what he could do with no money down.
No B.S. just great advice.
Drove home today in my 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer.
Telling everyone to go see these guys.
David MacGillivray

Feb 2018
My dad recommended Guaranteed Auto Loans to me so I went to visit Rob and check out what he could offer.
This was the 1st time for me in buying a car and did not really have any credit to speak of
The magician did his work like others told me and I drove home in my 2015 Honda Civic SI at 6.99%
Totally recommend Guaranteed Auto Loans to anyone and everyone!
Ty Emmerson

Feb 2018
Everyone said NO to me, EVERYONE!
I found these guys on the internet and BANG!
Got exactly what I wanted and Ed Perrault is the BEST guy ever to deal with.
Robert explained the credit rebuilding program to me and I was happy to enroll
Happy owner of a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan
Will be back next year!
Andrew Doucette

Jan 2018
I am back today buying my 4th vehicle from Robert.
We started in him credit rebuilding program about 4 years ago.
Well, all I can say is it works!
My credit is repaired and today I am driving home in my BRAND NEW 2018 Hyundai Sonata! Did I mention that it was BRAND NEW!!
Go see these guys.
Shelly Varga

Jan 2018
I went to a lot of car dealerships and nobody could help me, or did not want to help me.
Saw Guaranteed Auto Loans on the internet and read their reviews like I am writing now.
Ed Perrault gave me a call and found me the perfect vehicle for my daughter and I. Our current vehicle was not safe and this was a huge factor for me.
Rob Taggart is a very kind man and showed me all the financing. Made me feel very comfortable in the decision to buy. As a single mother this was a very scary experience in buying a car but Ed and Robert made it so enjoyable.
Today I am driving home in my very own 2014 Ford Focus
Reena Sievert

Jan 2018
I met Rob Taggart back in 2012 when my credit was completely broken. I trusted his program and his good reputation at doing what he says. It all was true!
I stand today buying my 5th vehicle from Guaranteed Auto Loans. My credit is perfect and I am driving home with my new 2017 Chrysler 300 at 6.74%
The only place to go!
Jim Ion

Jan 2018
Rob Taggart is and always will be our go to guy now. He has helped my family when times were tough and has always done what he promised. Our credit is now at Prime.
This is the 5th vehicle we have bought from him.
My wife always wanted a new Jeep Wrangler and that’s exactly what we bought.
Thank You Robert!
Devin Fex

Jan 2018
Go see Ed Perrault everyone!
He helped me find the perfect vehicle for me and got me approved with TD Bank at a good % rate.
Laurie Goring

Dec 2017
My 2nd vehicle from Guaranteed Auto Loans.
I enrolled in the credit rebuilding program last year and Robert cut my % rates in half this time around.
Happy owner of a 2014 GMC Terrain.
Will be back next year
Ken Hill

Nov 2017
This is the 4th vehicle I have bought from Rob Taggart
We started in his Credit Rebuilding program at 29.9%
Today I drove home in my 2017 Dodge Ram Crew Cab 4WD with only 14000km on it and I am paying 6.20%!!!!!
This is the ONLY place to go if you truly want to fix your past credit.
Kelly Brown

NOV 2017
This is the 4th vehicle I have bought from Rob Taggart
We started in his Credit Rebuilding program at 29.9%
Today I drove home in my 2017 Dodge Ram Crew Cab 4WD with only 14000km on it and I am paying 6.20%!!!!!
This is the ONLY place to go if you truly want to fix your past credit.

Kelly Brown

1404 S.W. Marine Dr.

Vancouver, BC

Canada V6P 5Z9

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