Guaranteed Approval Auto Loans in BC

100% Loan Approval for Auto Loans in BC – Is it Possible?

How is it possible to guarantee 100% approval? A lender promising 100% approval will likely require a large down payment to minimize their risk if you have a low credit score. Such a sizeable down payment may be more than you can afford. So yes any type of credit can be approved providing the down payment is large enough.

If you are walking into a situation where your credit score is low some dealers or financial institutions will take your information and give it to many lenders all at one time. The lenders will then create multiple hits on your credit report to get information on you.  This is not good for your rating.

At Guaranteed Auto Loans this situation is treated a whole lot differently.  There will only be one hit on your credit report to get the information.  The report is then submitted to the lenders who trust the information is correct so there is no need for them to check again and create multiple hits on your report.

Instead of trying to get a large down payment out of you we will source out a less expensive but good condition vehicle for you.  If your credit is really bad there may be a small down payment required but the goal here is to make a faithful customer out of you. We will arrange for a loan at the best rate we can get and let you make payments on that for a year at which time you can return with a much better credit rating and not have to be subjected to harsh treatment from lenders.

Guaranteed Auto Loans in BC

Once we get an approved loan, we will make sure you fully understand the financial terms of the contract before finalizing it with you. We won’t try to confuse you when it comes to payment, term length, and interest.

We will also take the headache out of looking around for a used car. We have a large inventory at our fingertips, either from vehicles on the lot, or through associated dealerships. We’ll find you a car that fits the terms of your financing approval for auto loans in BC and one that you will be happy with.

4 Mistakes to Avoid when Fixing your Credit

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