Car and Truck Loans

Cranbrook Car Loans

Auto Loans for BC Residents

  • Bad Credit Score Not a Problem in Cranbrook BC
  • You only need to be earning $2K per month
  • Just show 3 months of employment
  • No Down payment required to buy vehicle

Pick a Used Car or Truck in Vancouver at a great price and Have it delivered to your Door in Cranbrook

Cranbrook BC has many business and employment opportunities. The City of Cranbrook wants you to move here. Everyone needs a car to move around in this city so car loans, regardless of credit, are doable for all citizens. All transactions are done online are done online and a vehicle can be delivered to your door.

Also known as the Key City, Cranbrook is the largest urban center in southeastern B.C., which means we’re kind of a big deal. But you won’t hear it from us. In fact, over the years, we may have underestimated our success in creating one of the safest, happiest and healthiest communities in Canada.

Our economy is stable and home to a wide range of business in retail, health care, education and trades.

Few cities in B.C. can compete with our market accessibility. Two U.S borders (Idaho and Montana) are less than an hour from Cranbrook. And with close proximity to many Kootenay communities, like Kimberley, Fernie and Invermere, our total immediate market reach is up to 100,000. Cranbrook is also less than two hours from southern Alberta, which expands our market to a further 4.5 million.

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