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Types of Loans

Here are a few of the most common types of loans Single loan: Sometimes called a bridge or interim loan is for a short-term. This type of loan needs to be paid back at the end of the loan period. The total of the interest and the principal amount are paid at the expiration date. […]

Secured Car Loan

Secured Car Loan and Unsecured Loans The basic definition of a secured car loan is a loan with collateral offered in case of default on the loan. Usually, the collateral is the item being purchased. Collateral for a car is the car itself. If loan goes into default, then the car is repossessed by the […]

Definition of Credit

Old Definition of Credit Surprisingly enough most of the naming conventions connected with modern accounting comes from from the Latin or Greek languages.  The term, “credit” for example comes from ‘Credo,’ a Latin word that means “I Believe!” It gradually evolved as a word that meant “trust” involving finances. Back in ancient times, the lending […]

Instant Online Auto Loan Approval

Online Auto Loan  What happens when I fill in the Pre – Approval Loan Application? When you fill in an online auto loan application it will be immediately read by a human not a software program.  If it is submitted outside of business hours it will be humanly viewed by 9AM on the following business day morning. […]