Types of Loans

Payments on these loans are made at defined intervals of time, usually monthly. The longer it takes to pay back the loan, the more interest is paid.  Home and vehicle loans fall into this category.

Secured Car Loan

What is the difference between secured loans, unsecured loans, student loans, and credit cards?

Good Bad and Ugly Credit

New vehicle owners want to only pay a regular monthly amount they can afford and the only path to take is with long term loans. Currently the average price of a family type vehicle in Canada is $34,000 which can be bargained down to $30,000 with dealer discount offers.

Guaranteed Approval Auto Loans in BC

If you are walking into a situation where your credit score is low some dealers or financial institutions will take your information and give it to many lenders all at one time. The lenders will then create multiple hits on your credit report to get information on you. 

Instant Online Auto Loan Approval

The person reading the form will immediately be able to tell what kind of loan amount, payment, and length of term you qualify for from the required fields on the form. He will then send you an email, or text, or call you.

Definition of Credit

The term, “credit” for example comes from 'Credo,' a Latin word that means "I Believe!" It gradually evolved as a word that meant “trust” involving finances.

Car Loans With Social Distancing

Vehicles Delivered to Your Door

Buying Vs Leasing Vehicle Which is Better?

When you lease a vehicle one of the big benefits are reduced monthly payments. Lease payments are much lower when compared to monthly loan payments.

Bad Credit Auto Loan

Auto shoppers however sometimes fall into traps laid by dealers who know how to take advantage of them. Why do people with bad credit fall prey to bad lenders?

Auto Loan Pre-Approval

Most customers think they are applying for a loan directly from the dealership when they fill out an application form like the one on this website.  But that is not the case.  The form is really a pre-approval form.

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